Beachcomber Museum

The Beachcomber Museum is located on the west side of Hwy 12, the Beach Road at Mile Post 13 just south of Jockeys Ridge. It is between Dune Street to the south and Soundside Road to the North.

The Nellie Myrtle Collection was highlighted in sea glass and beachcombing Guru Richard LaMotte's 2015 book, "The Lure of Sea Glass".

LaMotte writes...

"In old Nags Head, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is an important piece of history that could soon be lost to the fury of an Atlantic hurricane. Inside a weary 1920s bungalow patiently sits the most extraordinary and diverse collection of seaside relics ever amassed by a beachcomber. Known today as the Outer Banks Beachcomber Museum, this classic coastal cottage was once a local Nags Head grocery store and home to Nellie Myrtle Pridgen. Nellie was a woman with one primary passion since the 1920s; she walked the beaches almost daily in search of treasure, not gold or silver but virtually any items lost to the sea. "

"Her gatherings from the shore are a time capsule of goods from the first half of our 20th century. She spent the majority of her life methodically accumulating and researching over 50 years of American history, along with a few objects that pre-dated her by several hundred years. Most of the collection is neatly archived in boxes or cases, on shelves or in piles. This is not a hoarder's mess, Nellie was well read and understood history quite well, but the collection seems to have outgrown the modest cottage. Glass bottles and sea glass make up a noteworthy part of the menagerie. Exquisite shells like a rare Argonaut, tin soldiers and toys, as well as a plethora of fulgurites left behind by lightning strikes in the sand. One remarkable find is the top section of a stoneware jug, featuring a bearded man's face, a rare piece of German Bellarmine vessel likely from the 1600's."